We are leading the global resistance against the rise of intolerance, hatred and violent extremism … boldly sharing the successful Canadian experience of harmony within diversity with the rest of the world.

Guiding principles


The challenges the world faces today are not new, but they are of late creating a sense of urgency to many around the world. People feel threatened, unsettled and unsafe with the inflamed rhetoric and threats of populist and nativistic political leaders, certain media voices and even some mainstream opinion makers.

Multiculturalism, like the Canadian model, has proven to be a success when based on mutual respect, equality and compassion

Radicalism, racism, sexism and other forms of hate are problems we must address in order to preserve our sense of harmony and peaceful coexistence in communities across the country. Today’s youth, our future leaders, will have to ensure these principles remain at the core of our values in the years to come. Youth4Peace teaches leadership skills and training for a whole new generation of Canadians who will be our future teachers, politicians, business and community leaders.






nationally-registered charity founded in 2016, Youth4Peace Canada works to strengthen the foundations of Canada’s positive experiences with multiculturalism, and lead the global resistance against intolerance, hatred and violent extremism, and to boldly share the Canadian example with the rest of the

world. Through boot camps, we train multiple cohorts of peacebuilders. We support young Canadians to lead initiatives that transform conflict and effect systemic change. We enable youth to draw on their values, creativity, and power for strategic action through innovation. Hosted by the Global Peace Center Canada (GPCC),

in partnership with universities and civil society, and affirmed by UN Security Council Resolution 2250, we help unleash the potential of young people for building peace by providing the tools and resources they need to make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other enquiries, please contact us

How and where does GPCC deliver their peace education training?

We are currently implementing our demonstration Youth4Peace Leadership Training project in the Hamilton area. We plan to expand these projects across Canada and globally. Please follow our progress through this website or by communicating directly with us – see our contact information. We would like to hear from you. Stay tuned!

What type of expertise is involved in GPCC programs and who are they designed for?

Our team has training and vast experience in peace and conflict studies and leadership training. Please contact us for more information.

Are tax credits available for my (or my organization’s) financial support of GPCC?

We are a registered charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our Charitable Registration Number is 819167321RR0001. Yes, you will receive a tax receipt your donations. Thanks!

What are the main activities of Global Peace Centre Canada?

Our major activities are Youth4Peace Leadership Training project, Peace Education Curriculum Development, Scholarships, Bursaries and Internships, Public Education and Awareness and Partnership Development. Our signature project is Youth4Peace Leadership initiative.

We plan to train ’30 under 30′ action-oriented youth, developing skills in public speaking, communication, facilitation, conflict resolution and the bridging of social and cultural divides.

· Youth4Peace will influence change in personal, relational, structural and cultural spheres; to see improve understanding and skills among our graduates in cross-cultural communication, active listening, public speaking, facilitation, system thinking and conflict transformation; to grow respect for differences in and opinions on socio-economic issues, faith, ethno-cultural identity, sexual orientation and special needs, inspiring changes in attitudes and behaviours towards fellow youth from different backgrounds; to take on leadership roles for change and peace-building for the benefit of all communities.

· We expect graduates to engage in the creation of safe and energized spaces where peaceful, honest and open discussions and activities occur; where a young person is encouraged to speak and share opinions without fear of judgement by others, including peers and those in positions of authority.

· This process will build courage and increase confidence while decreasing fear among young people to ‘get involved’. Our activities are designed to extend and enrich dialogues, allowing youth to build communication skills in a supportive environment, applying these peace and leadership skills to their everyday lives; to critically examine interactions in their community; and to respond to community issues in engaged, productive and non-violent ways. With enough practice, these attitudes and skills will create and support transformative, peaceful communities.

· This generation of dialogue will stimulate cooperation and joint initiatives with all levels of government, public and private schools, post-secondary campuses and formal and informal voluntary sectors including engaged charities.

How can I bring GPCC programs like Youth4Peace Leadership Training to my own school or community?

Please send us a brief introduction of your group and the nature of the involvement of young people in your team. We will contact you shortly for further discussion.

The GPCC Team

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  • Jahan Zeb
    Jahan Zeb Director
  • Ziauddin Yousafzai
    Ziauddin Yousafzai Honorary Chair
  • Ann Armstrong, PhD
    Ann Armstrong, PhD Chair, Board of Directors
  • Khalid Usman, CA
    Khalid Usman, CA Member, Board of Directors
  • Anne Pearson, PhD
    Anne Pearson, PhD Member, Board of Directors
  • Ernie Ginsler, MSW
    Ernie Ginsler, MSW Member, Board of Directors
  • Nathan Funk, PhD
    Nathan Funk, PhD Member, Board of Directors

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There’s a lot of work to be done. But if we work together, we can change the world.

The world today faces challenges like never before. There is a frightening resurgence of nationalism, racism, xenophobia and ‘alt-right’ activism that threatens to tear apart and divide populations around the world. While Canada is one of the nations bucking this trend, we must not kid ourselves that it could not happen here. Youth4Peace takes a proactive approach by building leadership among youth to inspire and educate their peers of the dangers of radicalism and racism.

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